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Sharp GLove
Top part of cyber-myonic suit created to read&replay motions and emotions
Next levels of immersion


Everything a high-end audio system does to your body and mind, and lots more. Our bionic impulses are the music of your body, they can shape it, drive your daily rythm or transfer unprecedented synchronized emotions.


Your muscles have plenty of potential to influence your own body condition. Pressure, heat, trembling, sense of gravity - can it be more real than your feelings tell you? In fact, we'll show that it can.


Your body feels having boundaries, a form, a location and a condition... All that's called proprioreception. Shouldn't you try to influence those senses? Our technology will supress every boundary in VR perception.


VR is about dynamic effects. If you can't move around in your room, you should at least feel airflow or water jets. But without any external physical contraptions? We take control and make it possible.


The feeling of an object in your hand has much more perception to it, than just skin pressure... Belive us, you aren't starting to imagine what VR feels like.

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The basic Sharp Glove drives your muscle activity online using electrical stimulation. According to a specific program, you can experience, record and replay online tactile sensation, or simply work your muscles, train your fingers and wrist while experiencing all the positive chemistry of a concert performance.


Next step, in-depth stimulation functions will transgress your sensoric barriers, making an everyday wearable stimulator become your active musical environment, shock absorber and comfort conditionner.


Anything you've learned can now be downloaded... so shouldn't you feel that you wasted time practicing those piano scales? Not if you can sell your talent online or become someone's mentor by providing live feed of your performance.


What could be different about gaming if you could train your hand-eye coordination by experiencing all the right combos during the opening instead of a virtual obstacle course? Everything! Or could you do with a massage during loading? The immersion level of computer gaming will surprise you again.


There's more to virtual reality than to be inserted in an entertaining setup and make yourself believe, despite all the missing sensory input. The most sophisticated functions of Sharp Glove gear your up for emotional replay. How is it possible? Your body broadcasts everything you're thinking in micro-variations of muscle tension. Do you think it's so hard to reconstruct? Either way, you won't be disappointed...

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#Glove leads a workshop in Moscow
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Sharp glove team to appear on Riot Games conference
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